Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest Post | Photographs by Aman Deshmukh.

Hello dear friends! :)
A short introduction for those who do not know me - I'm Aman Deshmukh, a sixteen (almost seventeen) year old boy who loves photography. I stay in Mumbai.

Here's a selection of some of my photographs that I'd like to showcase.

From "10 Awesome Things" | 6/10 : Mirrors.
This photograph of a glass bowl on a reflective glass bowl was a part of two projects - Project 365, and 10 Awesome Things. I particularly like this shot because of the symmetry, sharpness in lines, and distinctness in shape due to strong black and white shades.

And the World became Smaller.
This is a tilt-shift photograph, and it involves making real life objects look smaller. Its also called miniature faking. This was taken at Allahabad from the 6th floor of a building.

The Darkest Lunar Eclipse.
This is a collage of the multiple photographs I shot from 11 am in the night to 1 am in the morning, to capture the central lunar eclipse on June 15, 2011. It would rain every ten minutes, and I had to stand there in the middle of the night, with the umbrella in one hand, and the camera in another. Here's a full size shot. This photograph was also featured in Saadar India.

[All photographs carry a Creative Commons Attribution, No Derivs, Non Commercial License. Click here for more information.]

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  1. lovely! simply loved the tilt shift photography!

  2. the pictures are toooo gud... luvd d 1st one d most

  3. Awesome... <3 <3 <3

    I am wanna be photographer... :P


  4. A beautiful and fine example of photography, indeed!
    The moon photo seemed so real, that initially I could not even believe my eyes.